Alien Wiki Rules

Welcome to the Alien Sight Wiki!
Please take a few minutes to check out the wiki editing rules and try the test page to learn the basics.

If you want to insert modules or other fancy things, it is recommended that you use the modules reference page to help you with the code.

Feel free to look at the existing x-files. Some might be complete while others still in progress. Notice how the author will comment areas which need work, for example (add more detail) where a source is named but not sufficiently detailed. Other editors may, if in possession of the required information, add it, while respecting the work of the original submitter. Another editor might suggest additional work by inserting more (comments) where deemed necessary.

NOTICE: Scarcely or badly documented x-files will face deletion unless the author clearly states that the search for evidence is still underway.

Wiki Editing Rules

  1. Verify your sources before inserting information. This wiki shall not be a collection of hoaxes and fakes.
  2. Never delete without being 100% sure what you're eliminating needs to be censored
  3. Double check your text for spelling and good formatting
  4. If you feel an entry needs more information or other improvements, but you are not the author, you can leave an editor's note in brackets, for example (specify sources). You can also identify yourself (specify sources - Disbeliever).
  5. Uploading files: we do not have unlimited space, so you should only upload material that is not available online i.e. images and videos which will be exclusively hosted in the wiki. And provide external links to available material. Exceptions can be made in case you fear the material you found risks being taken down from the Internet.
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License