In an effort to enumerate useful investigation devices and equipment while still maintaining a reasonable budget, here is the first draft of our equipment list:

  1. Compass
  2. HD video camera or photo camera (comments)
  3. Portable digital photo printer (compatible with the camera model) OR Polaroid camera.
  4. Digital audio recorder (comments)
  5. IR torch (comments)
  6. Reliable battery packs and backups

From Top to bottom: Note, Norwegian site, might need to use Webpage language translation- exception technical info.

Action headcams- about 100-300usd (waterproof) ( Rc actioncam)

Walkie Talkie Headgear- about 100-200usd


Under clothing:


Motion/Heat sensor W Video recording- price 185usd=1074nok

Motion detection camera Solar- about 150usd

Motion detection Nightvision Camera- about 100usd

Motion Detection IR light camera wireless-about 185usd

Camera&wifi&bug detection- Price about 100Usd

Walkie Talkie sets- Price inbetween 100-200usd each


Flaslights- Anything with 1200lumens plus

Watches- Just for its coolness, about 10-20usd

ATvs(4Wheelers)(rent at location?)
SUVs- (rent at location?)

Surivalgear&Self defense weapons:
Ignore the description of the kit, its what follows with it thats important

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