[File #1]: TR-3B Black Triangle

File: The TR-3B "Black Triangle"

Supposed code name: Project Astra.

Overview: The TR-3B a.k.a. Black Triangle is a supposedly U.S.A.F. Black project based on reverse engineered alien technology.

Main propulsion: Magnetic Gravity Disruptor (toroidal rotating superconducting-ferroluid) see this Wikipedia link for Podkletnov's gravity shielding experiments.
Secondary propulsion: Multi-mode rocket thrusters basted on methane/hydrogen -oxygen

Facts: Since the SR-71 Blackbird in the70s no new official Air Force airplane has been able to fly faster. This apparently sudden stop while in the midst of a cold war suggests both a drastic change in technology and a will to keep all successive improvement top secret.

Official scientific papers suggest the possibility of disrupting the gravitational field by creating a magneto-gravitational dipole through a complex combination of roratory motion of masses.

Sightings: "Flying black triangles" have been reported for the last 20 years, mostly in the proximity of air force bases. Some reports tell of gigantic ships spanning over 600 feet that move through the air without sound. Investigators are currently involved in obtaining verified photographic documentation.

Unverified photographs:

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