[File #12]: Jeffery

It happened eleven years ago in St. Louis, Missouri at an exotic dancing bar in North County and I went in there to just have a few drinks and look at some strip you know girls dance around the pole and this guy comes in out of nowhere and he was uh black in color but he had a very strange voice. And he knew things about me that no one in the bar knew. Like how many trips I took. He knew things I was doing. He knew when my parents were gonna die and what they were gonna die of. Then he tells me he's here to abduct me. Replace forty nine chips. And Dr. Lewinsky one of those hybrids, Grey hybrids was gonna do the operation. And they were gonna take me aboard a flying saucer. Um, I thought I escaped this guy. I did a physic reading yesterday with a lady, she told me I was abducted, I was swept up for like three hours and they did exactly what they said they were gonna do to me and then took me back to the bar and woke me up and I lost like three hours in time. That's all I remember. They took my memory away from this abduction. It was a human hybrid. He looks like a black man but he had a strange voice that wasn't like black in origin. He sounded like a white man. About my life? I remember my father told me he was abducted by aliens in the 1950's. And now he's dead. He died of cancer just like the aliens said he would. He died in 2001 after September 11th. The aliens said my mother was gonna die in 2011 and she did. She said I do but I don't know where they are.

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