[File #16]: Jeanie

Anyway this particular night this was around the time of the full moon and the Hale-Bopp Comet was very prominent in the sky and I had just come home from a fire walking ceremony so that was an intense evening and I kind of awakened in the middle of the night with feeling this weird heat down around my sexual area and I was waking up going, 'What in the world' and then all of a sudden I could feel these long skinny bony fingers drawing circles on my right ovary and I felt the paralysis and I thought, 'Oh shoot they really are here, oh my God.' I'm not sure how I saw them. If it was you know tuning in and seeing them on what level. My room looks dark and I always sleep with my light on. I've done that since I was a child. So when I'm realizing they're with me the energy feels different. It was totally unnerving to me to recognize that they really were visiting with me and I could see there was a smaller Grey on my right hand side and a slightly taller one on my left and I remember telepathing to the Grey, 'Please stop doing that, I don't want you to touch me.' I asked him three times. It didn't stop so I'm not sure if it was my astral arm that came out and I reached over and I grasped his long skinny bony fingers with my left hand and said, 'I asked you not to touch me, please do not touch me.' And then I noticed the Greys on each side of my bed looked at each other and I thought, 'Ah shoot, they're gonna knock me out with that white light again.' I have seen myself on ships. Either driving them with somebody who is a well known abductee or I was in a huge mother ship one time where I was being taken by, guided by a taller Grey that had on a bright red robe. He's more or less like my teacher. Then I went into this conference room and there was all these different beings from wherever and then there was a seat that I knew was just for me. So then I sat next to this being that had a body that looks similar to, I wanna say like a beef jerky stick, beef stick. It had that shape and then he had just a round head and three tubular extensions. And when he looked and little tiny skinny arms and legs and he looked at me and I heard this energy, I could see it go 'wit were wit.' And I laughed because I knew he was saying hello to me, 'How have you been? I haven't seen you in a long time.'

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