[File #2]: Bilambil Heights

File: The Bilambil Heights (Australia) sightings

Witness information

The name & identity of the witness has been made public by the witness himself however this file will only present the witness's name in full.

Witness name & surname.

Witness: Alex P.
Address: (street and number kept private) Bilambil Heights, Australia.


The witness claims to have caught video footage of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) which appear at irregular intervals in the grass behind his house. The witness's footage is freely available on YouTube in the witness's channel "ThePolishedKnob" a link to our forum discussion with the embedded videos is here

The sightings, 21 to date, have all been caught on video. It is possible that the "visits" have been much more than those spotted by Alex, but lacking a cctv system there is no evidence in this regard. In the video documentation we come to understand the following:

here is a quick breakdown of the various sightings:

Sighting #1

Alex follows his cat outside with his video camera. The animal appears to be concerned about something in the tall grass. The camera turns towards the grass and appears to spot a figure which quickly disappears. Alex's swearing and his excited tone of voice seem to indicate he is authentically shocked by what he is seeing. The creature appears to be a Grey, and it is holding what would look like a red laser pointer.

(to be continued, would be great if Alex contributed directly in writing thesis account here)

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