[File #22]: King's Lynn UK sightings

A series of sightings, documented with video by YouTube user "TheJSB007" indicate a wave of strong activity during the night. The videos show what would seem to be triangular shaped unconventional military aircraft capable of hovering in silence and evading radar. The way these craft are described and appear in the videos would suggest they are some kind of model of the TR-3B. One video would appear to document a military drill where conventional military radar planes scan the sky in search of the triangular craft, which promptly avoid being located. This would reinforce the theory that the unidentified craft are also terran military vehicles.

In another video one of these vehicles, apparently responding to the cameraman flashing a light, hovers near. In this video a simple listening using quality headphones is sufficient to hear the low hum produced by the craft which, in the words of the YouTube user, sounds "very spacey".

The link to TheJSB007's YouTube channel is provided here for further investigation.

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