[File #23]: 1966 Jacques-Cartier, Quebec

Close Encounter

Autumn 1966 (give or take 1 year), Saturday - Jacques-Cartier, Quebec, Canada
Country/wooded area. Exact location forgotten
Terry B. 10 years old at the time.

I was in another part of the house when I heard my mother excitingly shouting, "Flying Saucer! Flying Saucer!" I ran to the kitchen to see what she was shouting about. When I entered the kitchen my mother, father, aunt and 2 brothers were looking up out the kitchen side window. Curious as to what they were looking at and seeing there was no room for me at the window I went to the side door to go outside. My mother heard me when I started opening the door and told me not to go out, to come look out the window.

What I saw was the basic domed flying disk; silver in color. The flying saucer was between 25 to 30 feet in diameter. I was intrigued with the different colored lights that seemed to be rotating in an anti-clockwise direction around its rim.

It was stationary for about 5 minutes, tilted a little towards us, watching us as we watch it. It was just above the tree in our yard. So it was about 50 feet in the air and about 50 feet from the house. It then slowly floated off towards our back woods and disappeared behind the trees.

My mother then explained what happened. She was outside looking at the gage on our oil tank, which was attached to the outside of the house, to see if we would be needing to order more oil for heating for the coming winter. She had her back to the sky looking at the gage when a very bright light shone on her. Confused as to where this light was coming from she turned around to see the flying saucer. The flying saucer wanted her to know it was there. By the time I got to the window it had already turned off its bright light beam. This happened shortly after the evening meal. The sun was just setting or had just set so it was still bright outside.

She then explained to us what a flying saucer was. My brothers and I were very ignorant about UFOs and alien visitors. Never heard of such a thing. Remember this was back in 1966 and we always lived out in the country and went to country schools and very rarely watched TV. We spent our free time playing outside and exploring the back woods. When I saw the flying saucer I thought it was just a new kind of airplane.

Then we received a big lecture from our father to never speak to anyone about what we witnessed. It was a long and very good lecture because we never spoke about it to anyone for fear of our father would be put in jail and the family be broken apart and put in different foster homes and we would never see each other again.

The next day , Sunday, our father wanted to take a walk in the back woods with us. We were very excited about this because he never came with us in the woods before. So we were excited to show him around. Well he sort of took the lead and we went to a different area to what my brothers and I were used to going. We came upon a small clearing and saw what I now know to be a crop circle. It was in a grassy area and the surrounding grass was about a foot high. The crop circle, with the grass all laying down in a circular pattern, was about 6 ft in diameter. I asked my father what it was and he said it was made by a deer. That they turn in a circle like a dog before it lays down. For some reason I doubted his explanation. My brothers and I spent all our free time in the back woods and we never saw anything like that before. I did not associate the crop circle with the flying saucer. We then went a little farther and came upon another little clearing and another crop circle.

My father then told us to stay beside the crop circle and went ahead about 50 feet from us and stopped and looked at the surrounding area for a few minutes. He then came back and told us we were going back to the house. My brothers and I didn't want to and voiced our displeasure but we had no choice but to follow him back home.

When we got back home my father went and spoke to my mother then came back to speak to us to tell us we were not aloud to ever go back into the back wood again. Our father told us he saw a big poisons snake when he left us beside the crop circle so it was too dangerous to play back there again. The thing is, we do not have any poisonous snakes in Canada but being kids we didn't know this.

Monday when my father came home from work he handed my mother a news paper and told her there was a story in it about a man who witnessed a flying saucer that crashed in the St. Lawrence River. We lived near the river but the river is also very big and long. It's the river that Montreal is on. I have no idea where the man saw it so I assume it must have been in our area as it was in our city/town newspaper; probably a Quebec City news paper. It said there was going to be an investigate to see if there were any small plane missing and check the river. That was the last we heard about it.

After driving our mother crazy for the next couple of weeks our parents decided we could play in the back woods again.

This is my story and told to the best of my recollection.

Added Information:
I don't remember seeing any wind, not even on the leaves under the flying saucer. I also do not remember hearing any sounds coming from it but 5 years later, when we had moved to another town just north of Montreal, I went to visit my Aunt one evening. While we were chatting at the table we started hearing a low tone, slow, pulsating hum. We just looked at each other with wide eyes and said at the same time, "Flying Saucer!" We ran outside to see if we could see it but nothing was in sight and the hum was gone. Did our reaction to this sound come from the memory of our encounter in 1966? It could be. Also, since the Flying saucer was tilted towards us we couldn't see the underside of it.

I do not know if this video was hoaxed or not. That is not the point. I did not make this video and no-one knows who did. I added it here for educational purposes only and to show you a very good representation of what we witnessed.

Video Link:
Very Close Encounter

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