[File #4]: Azzurrina's ghost

File: The ghost of "Azzurrina"


Overview: Apparently one of the most scientifically tested and proven cases of paranormal activity related to the mysterious disappearance of a little girl, Guendalina Malatesta known as "Azzurrina" on June 21st 1375 in Montebello castle, near Rimini in Italy.
The nickname was due to the fact that the girl was albino. In order to protect her from the local superstitions against albinos, her mother tinged her hair with herbal dyes which gave her hair a light blue sheen. "Azzurro" is light blue in Italian.

Historical facts: Guendalina Malatesta disappeared on June 21st 1375 while playing in the cellar with a rag ball. Two castle guards, whose job is to make sure the albino child is not victim of the superstitious populace, were standing by. Suddenly the ball rolled down the stairs leading to the ice chamber, a windowless well with a single entrance which was filled with ice during the winter and then used to keep food during the warmer months. Azzurrina chased the ball down the stairs while the guards, thinking there was no way she could get lost, waited upstairs until they heard her scream. When they ran down to the ice room the girl and her ball had disappeared completely.

Haunting/Appearances: The voice of Azzurrina can be heard during the Summer Solstice of every year ending with 0 or 5. In 1995 and then in 2005 some researchers (add detail) captured interesting EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of what apparently sounds like a little girl whimpering/playing.

EVP of Azzurrina (1995 - 2000)

Photographic evidence.

In 2010 another crew was able to capture some unusual activity with a full spectrum camera. During one of the recording sessions the camera shows a spherical globe emerging from the ground just before malfunctioning. Sudden battery shortages appear to be frequent in paranormal events. (need to obtain a frame capture of this)

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