[File #8]: The JFK assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald was never involved in the assassination of JFK.

JFK upon entering the office as President, JFK had a President-to-former-President meeting with Dwight D. Eisenhower as it's traditionally done when the two men switch places. When the two had their private meeting, JFK was then truly aware of how politics worked and what he was in for.

Rather than explain in a novel-length post on here, I preset to you some very in-depth videos that explains all the small and large details that have been slowly uncovered over the past 50 years.

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In a short description: JFK learned the truth about who was really in control of America. This being the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. JFK learned this was the entity who was involved and whom had started (secretly funding both sides) every American war since World War 1. In his inquires that were provoked by creation and signing of The Northwoods Documents, titled "Operation Northwoods", JFK found out the owners of the Federal Reserve were going through back-door channels to the CIA to start the Bay Of Pigs invasion of Cuba. This was intended to spark a war with America and Russia…. which would have no doubt, gone Atomic. Their goal was to upset world balance and to usher in a single world-wide government as a solution for "world peace" in it's aftermath.

JFK met with top level Russian diplomats about preventing a war. A deal was struck, this called for the immediate call-off and abandonment of the invading forces already in route to Cuba, and for him to find and close down the anti-Castro para-military training groups that were secretly training in America. JFK had allowed Fidel Castro to win the invasion, by using his Presidential over-ride orders, to cancel all support and reinforcements of the invasion forces. In exchange, Russia agreed to remove their atomic missles sites from the island of Cuba.

After the Bay Of Pigs was done away with, JFK had ordered J. Edgar Hoover of the F.B.I. to investigate and find the CIA training camps and put them out of "business".

Next: JFK drafted presidential order: "W11110" that called for the abolishment of the Federal Reserve, and for the CIA agency to be cut in half. JFK then had all American currency immediately backed by silver (remember the silver certificates and silver coins?), a precious commodity, something in which the Federal Reserve had done away with decades before in order to more easily manipulate the Dollar. These two steps alone would have forever changed America and its freedoms for the better, and it was a serious threat to power-brokers who had other plans for this country. JFK was seriously upsetting the apple cart and had to be removed immediately before his orders had been put into effect.

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